How is God leading us now?

Parish Retreat - October, 2007

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After a prayerful time of Gospel Based Discipleship, Rosemary Insley, Director of Holy Spirit Center, set the stage for our parish retreat by talking about the concept of looking at ministry planning in terms of what we want to do more of, what we want to do less of, what do we want to start? and what do we need to stop?   We broke into small groups to address the questions of  How is God leading us now?   and Where is the congregational energy in each of the four focus areas of Worship, Prayer, Study, and Outreach?  Our small groups defined goals, objectives and action steps. This included  who would be responsible for each  objective and setting a date for its accomplishment.   After lunch, provided by the vestry, we joined together for group singing.  At the end of the day we celebrated by gathering for Eucharist.