Christ Church Episcopal "Walks Because They Walk"

Anchorage CROP Walk, September 23, 2007

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The “we” in the quote are your friends, neighbors and other caring people in hundreds of communities who walk each year.    "They" are the 852 million people who go to bed hungry every night.  They are    people just like you, but because of poverty they must walk to accomplish the most basic tasks:

They walk for food.
They walk for water.
They walk for firewood.
They walk to escape violence.
They walk to seek shelter.
They walk to farm their fields.
They walk to find employment.
They walk to go to school.


O Lord, open our eyes
that we may see the needs of others,
open our ears that we may hear their cries,
open our hearts so that they may not be without care.
Let us not be afraid to defend the weak
because of the anger of the strong,
nor afraid to defend the poor
because of the anger of the rich.
Show us where love and hope and faith are needed,
and use us to bring them to these places.
Open our eyes and ears that we may, this coming day,
be able to do some work of peace for you.