Visitors from Indiana

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There's quite a story here.   One Sunday, our 8:30 crew was off visiting Holy Spirit Episcopal Church in Eagle River as part of our ongoing plan to build bridges with the other Episcopal Churches.  We left a sign on the door that said we were off visiting and "please come in for a quiet time of prayer or join us at 10:30 for Holy Eucharist.  Meanwhile, Barb was at home and decided to come to church early even though she knew we were on the summer schedule and were not having a Christian Education class.  So, she and Ed arrived to find this group from Indiana having Morning Prayer in the sanctuary.  After Morning Prayer, the conversation came around to recommendations for places to eat in Anchorage.  And, yep, Barb and Ed invited the whole crew to come to a fish barbecue at their house.  Can't get much more Alaskan than that.  (And Barb also noted that she could check off an item in her Summer in the Spirit  F.R.O.L.I.C book)