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Children's Ministry and Children as Ministers

Here at Christ Church, children are engaged in all that we do.  During the worship services, children serve as acolytes, crucifers, oblationers, readers and musicians.  Our Christian Education program (F.R.O.L.I.C.) is intergenerational.  Our children grow in ministry right alongside the adults in offering healing prayers, working on church building projects, planning activities and reaching out to the wider community. Special events for children include an annual Christmas pageant, Play Days in the Snow, Family Movie Nights, Zoo Day ( a natural event due to our location), and Summer Vacation Bible School.


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Try these websites for Fun and F.R.O.L.I.C.   ( Fully Renewing Our Lives In Christ)

Here's a place to spend a few of your on-line minutes in prayer.  It's a quiet and peaceful place on the internet.



Bible Stories for kids (and other people who like to F.R.O.L.I.C.)


An online bible story coloring book.


Vacation Bible School 2006

Time Travel to Egypt - The Story of Moses