Zoo, Golf Course and Homes








The Rev. Gary Steele started leading services in 1999.  We hired him part-time after his ordination in March of 2000.  We took a leap of faith and moved from Christ Our Savior Lutheran after 17 years of "temporary" use of the building, to the Zoo Education Building in August.  That situation didn't work out so we rented the Tanglewood Lakes Golf Club House for one year beginning November of 2000.  At the Annual Meeting 2001, we voted to hire the Rev. Gary Steele full time for one year and see if we could build our membership.

A most interesting and pivotal year was experienced in 2001.  The congregation was torn between desire for a family-sized church and something much larger.  At the same time there was dissent over how to achieve our goal to grow.  A bright spot was a Mother's Day fund raiser for Down River Ministries, outreach to Shagaluk, Anvik, and Grayling on the Lower Yukon, which started a wonderful ministry which has continued.  The contract with the Rev. Gary Steele ended at the Annual Meeting 2002.  We had lost our lease at Tanglewood Lakes Golf Club House the end of November 2001, and now were meeting in homes.  In addition, the decision was made to sell the property on Elmore.  At a meeting in November with Bishop MacDonald we had to face two options:  continuing without a priest, and without any money as we had used the building fund to support the year of growth; or disbanding and being absorbed into another congregation.  Members decided individually, with some leaving and a core group staying, with the Rev. Gayle Nauska, Deacon, leading services in homes.  We had 11 pledging units.