Decline in Membership








The membership numbers began to drop in the 90's.  By 1993 we had dropped to 25 pledging units.  At the Annual meeting in 1993, the Rev. Susan Hewitt announced that she would be leaving to take a position in Hong Kong.  We were fortunate to have the assistance of two retired priests.  The Rev. Ray Dexter and Rev. Pete Richmond.  Together they made it possible to have services every Sunday.

A change of service times to 9:00 in 1994, added to the decline of attendance.  However, in the summer of 1994, The Rev. Larry Spannagel became our part-time rector, and was installed in September by Bishop Charleston.  Since 1993 efforts had been made to create a two-congregational Ecumenical Center at Christ Our Savior Lutheran, with our constructing an Episcopal Chapel attached to the current Lutheran building.  After two years of talks and checking on codes and costs, the idea was dropped in September 1995.  Hunger for our own space increased.  With the Rev. Spannagel's expertise in building, the Parish grew excited about building on the Elmore property.   Plans were drawn up, experts in soils and drainage were hired, and cost estimates prepared.  Two roadblocks seemed insurmountable.  The Municipality of Anchorage Planning Department had a number of changes recommended which added to the costs.  Secondly, we were advised that we did not have enough pledging units to secure a loan.